Big Head Todd & The Monsters

The Best of The Beartrap 2018
The 2018 Beartrap Summer Festival was definitely one for the books. Beartrap Meadow was overflowing with happy 'festivarians' who came for the great music and family fun. Check out the best of the festival here.
Fans Meet & Greet BHTM
Big Head Todd & The Monsters headlined the first day of the 2018 Beartrap Summer Festival and a few lucky Beartrap attendees got the chance to meet the band backstage.
Big Head Todd & The Monsters
What sets this band apart from others in their genre? The memorable name, for one thing. And picture the music of a BHTM single (a selection one space-traveling fan specifically requested from Houston) zooming through the atmosphere for the purpose of waking up the astronauts in the Space Station. And sometimes they're a jam band, sometimes they're not.