1. Everyone there should have a wristbands or lanyard visible on the event grounds or you will be asked to leave by the security staff. This includes anyone camping in the Beartrap park area outside the actual meadow.

2. Dogs are allowed on the Festival grounds only with leash and visible dog tags.  Look for our new dog potty stations(includes sacks and place to dispose of the little bag) and PLEASE pick up after Fido.

3. NO GLASS CONTAINERS on festival grounds. PLEASE dispose of trash in proper receptacles.

4. NO taping unless permitted by artist. Cameras are allowed.

5. NO tents, sports sunshade umbrellas (Sport-Brellas), or large chair umbrellas in the meadow staging area. They will ONLY BE ALLOWED IN DESIGNATED AREAS, please look for the signs.

6. Umbrellas can be used but please be courteous to your neighbor, we want everyone to be able to see the show.

7. No camping in the meadow unless in designated area and with proper credentials.

8. Stage and artist area is closed to walk through traffic.

9. No Smoking in the meadow except in designated areas.

Please help us keep the Beartrap Summer Music Festival a safe and happy environment for everyone!