It’s official, the 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival is in the history books - and while most of our mountain moments this year were of the fun variety, there were a few tense ones on Sunday backstage that were downright scary.  While Sam Bush electrified the meadow, many festival-goers might have seen a bit of a commotion to the right of the stage in our artist “green room” area, where the bands gather before and after their performances (and often stick around and enjoy listening to their fellow musicians perform).  We got several “what happened” questions from many of you – here’s the inside story, which thankfully, has a happy ending.

While Newgrass king Sam Bush entertained the Beartrap masses, several of the bands that had graced the stage earlier in the day had stuck around in the green room to listen in on Sam’s set – including members of Arizona quintet Run Boy Run.  According to staff, Run Boy Run bass player Jesse Allen (pictured above) mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well – and then suddenly lost consciousness backstage, and passed out.  His fellow musicians rushed to his aid and alerted festival staff, who quickly reached our on-site medical crew – who sprung into action, and began working on Jesse backstage, eventually carrying him to an arriving ambulance and continuing to monitor him inside, and finally transporting him to the Wyoming Medical Center emergency room for further treatment, where he was eventually released, but remained in Casper to rest and get his bearings before traveling to Run Boy Run’s next tour stop.

First, thanks to the festival, the other bands, and the crowd for their concern and aid”, Allen said, when reached via email for an interview the day after the incident. “I was dehydrated, didn't recognize the more subtle early symptoms, and passed out from it backstage. As I understand, I was unresponsive at first, but by the time they carried me into the ambulance, I was alert enough to savor the last bits of Sam Bush before they closed the doors and took me down the mountain. They pumped me full of saline, and by the time we got to the ER, I was doing much better. They kept me around to be sure it was just dehydration, and to put more fluids in.”  When asked how he was feeling a full day removed from the incident on the mountain, Allen said “I'm a bit tired from the ordeal, a bit embarrassed that I interrupted the show, but overall grateful for all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual support I have received in the last 24 hours.

Luckily, Allen’s medical scare won’t cause much impact to Run Boy Run’s busy touring schedule.  “We were planning on traveling to Fort Collins today (August 5) for a show tomorrow, but we are going to just stay in Casper tonight and travel tomorrow. Our tour takes us down into Colorado this week, and up to the Grand Targhee festival next weekend. We'll be on the road until the end of September, and I think most or all of those dates are on the website at”  Kudos to our alert festival staff and medical crew for their great work, and to all the assorted musicians gathered in the green room tent, which Allen says made all the difference.  “I particularly want to thank the folks who were backstage when I passed out, and took action to get the help I needed. Until the incident, I was having a wonderful time, and really enjoyed the festival. It was a particularly nice environment to connect with the other musicians and music lovers.”

All of us at the Beartrap Summer Festival are relieved that Jesse’s okay – and hope to see him and the rest of Run Boy Run back (and well-hydrated) in the meadow in future festivals!