Town Mountain

Town Mountain: Grass With Swagger
The North Carolina band Town Mountain doesn't have to think twice when asked about their influences: they're "the Bluegrass triumvirate": Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and Bill Monroe.
With a perfect blend of what makes bluegrass what it is- soul, talent and banjos, Town Mountain proved exactly why they continue to make a name for themselves at these kinds of festivals. Simply put, they tear the house down, as evidenced by this video of their performance of 'You Weigh Heavy On My Heart.'
Town Mountain Brings Down The Mountain At Beartrap Summer Festival 2012 [PHOTOS]
Beartrap Summer Festival 2012 is in full swing here on Casper Mountain and we are rocking and rolling to the tunes of Town Mountain. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the coffee is flowing (thank God), and the music of this awesome band is blaring. Town Mountain encompasses everything we love about bluegrass- guitars, banjos, fiddles and more- this band has it all. Check out these pics f