Screen Door Porch

Screen Door Porch: Down-Home Vibe, Rustic Harmonies
The band known as Screen Door Porch are activists. Not in a political sense, but a musical one. They were the driving force behind creating the annual WYOmericana Caravan Tour that's garnered airwave praise and press ink from here to The New York Times and back.
Screen Door Porch Returns To Beartrap Meadow [VIDEO]
For those who do not remember, Screen Door Porch graced the stage last year at the Beartrap Summer Festival. One year later, they have returned to the meadow to show off what they have been working on since last year's festival, and they did not disappoint.
Screen Door Porch
Screen Door Porch delivers a Wyoming-grown fusion of soulful Americana, Roots-Rock and Country-Blues that has been likened to “Gillian Welch meets The Band, with Ryan Adams and Bonnie Raitt hanging out backstage” (605 Magazine). The...
Screen Door Porch Pours Out Their Soul In Performance At Beartrap [VIDEO]
I dare you to listen to this song, with it's beautiful lyrics and haunting voices and fantastic music, and not get chills down your spine. I double dare you. The fact is, you're gonna get chills. It'd be impossible not to, as Screen Door Porch has made a name for themselves by eliciting that exact type of response. Don't believe me? Check out this video.
Screen Door Porch Performs At Beartrap Summer Festival 2012 [PHOTOS]
I have a thing for girls in bands. I have no idea why. There is just something about a girl in a band that makes me dizzy. Bonus points if she's actually talented. So imagine my delight when Screen Door Porch took the stage and I heard one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life. Check out these pics from the set of my new favorite band.
Screen Door Porch Exclusive
Not only were the members of Wyoming's Screen Door Porch kind enough to give me an exclusive interview in the Beartrap "Green Room," but they also let me record a taste of their musical talents. Check out the video:

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