Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell on Stage
It may have taken 40 years to get Rodney Crowell (yes, I know that this is only the 19th Annual Beartrap Summer Festival), but we've finally made it happen... and he didn't disappoint. I could go on about his 40 years worth of music, accolades and awards, not the least of which was his 1990 Grammy for Best Country & Western Song, but I think the video and photos below tell the story better tha
Rodney Crowell's Journey
Imagine that you grew up in a remote Texastown with a population of about three thousand. On Saturday nights you played drums in your dad's honky-tonk band, and on Sunday mornings you went to church with your grandfather, who was the choir director...
A Conversation With Rodney Crowell [AUDIO]
Rodney Crowell never had designs on being a superstar. He wanted to write his songs and make good music. Although Rodney didn't have a lot of commercial success himself until the late 80"s, he was a songwriter that other artists found great success with his songs...
Yup, That's Rodney Crowell
Most people familiar with Country and Americana music are fairly well-steeped in Rodney Crowell's commercial successes. However, there are several of his musical gems lurking in the collections of others.
Headliner TBA Soon
Townsquare Media Casper announces another year of fun and excitement with Rodney Crowell and Sam Bush as the two headline acts for the 19th annual Beartrap Summer Festival!
Rodney Crowell
GRAMMY award winner Rodney Crowell has long been known as a poet among songwriters. Crowell migrated from Texas to Nashville in the 1970’s to learn to be a songwriter.