The weather is getting warmer, and while the snow isn't gone quite yet, we are already looking forward to this summer.

The bears having been working hard to make sure that the 2012 Festival is bigger and better than ever before. And of course a big part of that will be our music lineup. We're not quite ready to announce our headliners but we do want to share with you a small sample of who we have lined up for this year's festival.

Look forward to seeing all of you in August!


Halden Wofford and the Hi*Beams’ throwback and stylish take on the honky tonk genre is a breath of fresh air amidst other wannabe retro acts. With some of the choicest players on the Front Range and a professionalism that is bar-none, the Hi Beams landed themselves on the famed NPR show “A Prairie Home Companion” in recent years and Wofford’s distinct vocals continue to garner the band well-earned attention. -Marquee Magazine, Boulder, CO


“Out of the chute this band has a style, a sound and a defined point of view as distinctive and compelling as those of the finest roots outfits extant.  Crackling with life and overflowing with soul, its music rare and true, Honey Don’t exalts the human spirit.”

Dave McGee, (Sept 09) – Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen — Self-titled: This is a great period in time for bluegrass music with a wide array of top-notch bands making good music from coast to coast. One example of this is Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen out of Virginia who have produced a wonderful debut album of contemporary bluegrass music. With a bright sound and strong instrumentation, many influences are brought together here with a cohesive groove flowing throughout. Guests on the CD include Rob Ickes, John Cowan, Moondi Kline and Megan McCormick.

I've listened to and reviewed a lot of new releases during the past year and I have to put Red June's right at the top. I'm not kidding. At the top. This is absolutely the best new music I've heard in many a moon."
-David Belknap, Peterborough Folk Music Society

“Seadar Rose and Aaron Davis, a partnership made in heaven, or at least Austin, Texas which any Texan will tell you are one and the same! Both Rose and Davis have worked with various people on other unrelated projects, but it is this diversity that gives the album much of its appeal. It covers everything from alt.folk to blues and, with even a slight jazziness on a couple of tracks and that’s without even mentioning vaudeville!

Seadar Rose’s vocals have the almost languid drawl of Lucinda Williams, but with more range and expression evidenced by her own beautiful ‘Cold Mountain Breath’, whilst Aaron Davis can at times sound like a Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams with his ability to play around with his emotions and tone. Their harmonizing and support on each other’s songs is responsible for the various styles working so well together and enabling their differing songwriting directions to give the album an almost thematic feel. ” - Maverick Magazine