A recording I truly love, epically this time of year ( St. Patrick's Day ). Liz Carroll is first generation Irish American from Chicago and one of the most respected fiddlers in traditional Irish music today, and John Doyle from Ireland last played with the wonderful Irish band Solas, ( I saw them in Telluride ). Together, just the duo, are something special. This " In Play " the first of their two recordings together.

Quoting the liner notes " Fiddle master Liz Carroll and guitar powerhouse John Doyle are amount the most respected musicians in Irish music. The two have honed their repertoire on the road,and on IN PLAY, their debut as a duo, they capture the electricity and lyrical nuances of their live show in a studio setting. IN PLAY is destined to become a must-have for fans of traditional music. I' ll drop you off a copy of this, it's awesome.

Contributed by Frank Moran

"In Play" Track List:

1. The Ronan Boys / Ralph's 2-3-5
2. Northern Jig / The Box Man
3. Rolling In The Barrel / The Laurel Tree / O'Rourkes
4. The Island Of Woods
5. Smokies In Arbroath / Mystery Writer / The Blessings Of Gold
6. Kieran's Polka / The Bike To Ballyhahill
7. Hunter's Moon / Getting There / The Morris Minor
8. The Man With One Kidney / The Spy Czar
9. Fremont Center / The "Vorando" / Minutemen
10. Dennehy Dancers / The Mcsweeney Side
11. Ashleigh's Roach's / With Ourselves / Wild Pitch
12. A Long Night On The Misty Moor
13. Ceisel's Sword / The Monasterydedan Fancy

Watch Liz Carroll and John Doyle perform for President Obama: