Formed in 2011 as a collective of the Bay Area’s finest young acoustic talent, Adam Roszkiewicz (mandolin, vocals), Jacob Groopman (guitar, vocals) , Jordan Klein (bandjo, vocals), Leif Karlstrom (fiddle) , Melody Walker (guitar, vocals) and Zach Sharpe (bass) joined forces to play a gig in San Francisco’s Mission District. They quickly found a musical rapport that was open to challenging arrangements, unique covers and original songwriting. Their repertoire rapidly expanded and in January of 2012 Front Country decided to take on a Bay Area bluegrass tradition and compete in the prestigious RockyGrass band competition. Since winning that competition Front Country has become the hottest new Bluegrass band in the Bay Area. With a monthly residency in San Francisco, shows all around California and a host of major Bluegrass festivals in line for the summer, Front Country is poised to become a nationally recognized act. In February Front Country released it's first EP entitled "This is Front Country".