Chance Phelps Foundation

Proceeds for VIP tickets purchased this year for the Beartrap Summer Music Festival are being channeled back to Wyoming Veterans through the Chance Phelps Foundation.

That means if you choose to indulge yourself to a extra comfy seat, some gourmet treats, and up close parking, the extra expense goes back to a good thing.

The Chance Phelps Foundation was created in honor of the young serviceman from Dubois who lost his life on the battle field in Iraq in 2004.

His mother, Gretchen Mack is president and founder of the Chance Phelps Foundation.  Mack says mainly what they offer are recreational opportunities to servicemen and women and their families. A recent outing near Dubois, included horseback riding, canoeing and fishing.

She says the outings bring together the individuals and families who have in common the stresses of military life.

In this extended interview she talks about the foundation and its mission.