Beartrap 2013

Sam Bush Is All Smiles On Stage At 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival [PHOTOS]
Sam Bush looked like the happiest man in the world while performing on stage at the 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival. It is apparent that Bush loves what he does, and keeps the fun flowing in full force. The entire set, Bush was all smiles and laughter. It is humbling to see such an accomplished musician keeping it real in the way that Sam Bush does.
Sam Bush Slows Things Down At 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival [VIDEO]
Sam Bush typically keeps things up tempo. For this tune Bush decided to slow things down to perform a song song he had written with a friend. The song appeared to have a deep connection with Bush. The crowd got onto their feet and slow danced as Bush smoothly sang. Bush is a man of many talents and can produce a great time, no matter the tempo.
Watch Sam Bush Play Beartrap
Sunday night headliner and 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival closing act, Sam Bush, showcases why he is known as "The King Of Telluride". Bush has been honored by the Americana Music Association and the International Bluegrass Music Association. Bush proved that he deserves every bit of recognition that he has gotten, and will continue to get.
Solas Shines Their Light On Beartrap Meadow [VIDEO]
Gaelic for “light” – Solas was a shining beacon on the stage of the 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival. The Irish-American quintet gave one of the most passionate performances of the weekend. The folks in Beartrap Meadow received a healthy dose of Celtic influence this Sunday afternoon, and they couldn't be more happy about it.
Run Boy Run Delights Festival Goers [PHOTOS]
The quintet, Run Boy Run, gave a delightful performance, much to the acclaim of the audience. Stunning vocals and award winning fiddling made Run Boy Run a stand out at the 2013 Beartrap Summer Festival, in very commendable way.

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