Though they're not actually from Boulder (more like mid-Denver?...ish?), the only negative one could say about Boulder Acoustic Society is that they were somewhat dishonest about their namesake. Everything else about them Their clothes, their beards, their bandanas (one wears one on his head, another wears one on his wrist, ala Johnny Depp), and most importantly, their music. Blending what they call "Americana and Rock" into one incredible, indelible style. Gracing the stage of Beartrap Summer Festival 2011, BAS took the crowd back to a time where playing a concert was like putting on a play, with theatrics, jokes, stories, and more. As if that weren't enough, Boulder Acoustic Society also played the night before at The Attic, in addition to offering a workshop for other musicians on Sunday afternoon. The Acoustic Society from not-Boulder put in a lot of work this weekend, but they love what they do, so it can't really be considered work.