If you were looking for any more incentive to check out the Beartrap Summer Festival (you shouldn't be- it's awesome), then look no further, because right before they gear up for our festival, the Marshall Tucker Band will playing the stage of stages- The Grand Ole Opry.


"Last November the fine folks at the Opry invited us to play on the legendary stage for the very first time in our 40 year career," says lead singer Doug Gray. "It was a real honor and we're so pleased to have been asked back for an encore performance."

Yep, The Marshall Tucker Band, the same band that will be rocking the stage at Beartrap in August, will now have been a two-time Opry Stage Headliner. They will perform on Saturday, June 23 at 7:00 PM, so if you're looking to get a feel for how much Beartrap is going to amaze this year, check out their performance live on Nashville's 650 AM WSM and SiriusXM channel 56.

And be sure to check out MTB live on the Beartrap stage on Saturday, August 4th. It's sure to be a Grand Ole time...

...get it?

...GET IT??

...It was a pun.

...Beartrap Summer Festival. Marshall Tucker Band. Come.